12 Days of Eatin’, Drinkin’, & Be Merryin’: Day Ten – Dress Pant Yoga Pants – All I REALLY Want for Christmas

on the tenth day of eatin’, drinkin’ & be merryin’, my true love* gave to me the best pair of pants a yogini could ask for.

Alas, the professional world meets your mat.

Movement at the office and the pants to go with it.

Office Wellness Movement*

 Stiffening, sitting, the 42lb head stop here – Coming 2015!!!!





  straight leg:              

black_dress_pant_yoga_pants_1 navy_dress_pant_yoga_pants__straight_leg__16_1



Betabrand is an online clothing community, based in San Francisco.

They design, manufacture, and release new products nonstop. Brand-new ideas spring to life on their site every day. Their fans co-design and crowdfund them into existence in a matter of weeks.

Their customers are their models. Their customers are their designers. Their customers are helping them build; a brand unlike any other.

Cheers, to βetabrand!

Stay tuned to practice darling, for a review on these products in 2015!

*Office Wellness Movement in partner with practice darling. Stiffening, sitting, the 42lb head stop here! Coming 2015!!!!


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