12 Days of Eatin’, Drinkin’ & Be Merryin’: Day 8 – Act Kind Randomly, Every Day

on the eighth day of eatin’, drinkin’ & be merry in’, my true love said to me, ‘what you put out into this world you get back’.

f5e3cfdeac85c648888bf0118853db4f - Version 3The holidays don’t have to be the only time to give to others. Our society is taking a strong stride for individualism – the tendency to get wrapped up in our own little worlds is far too easy.

Act kind randomly: 

1. Smile at others. 

When passing others on the sidewalk, or standing in line – a polite smile can go a long way not to mention brighten someone’s day. Acknowledging others presence in the world can make this place a lot less lonely.


2. Say ‘Good morning’ 

If you’re a morning runner*, walker or dog walker, yogi or yogini or the early to Bridgehead -type. You are most likely surrounding yourself with people who are very much like you.

*the running wave or subtle head nod are suitable substitutes.
be mind that that if you just simply raise your hand without actually waving it – it may confuse the approacher indicating that they should stop running. This happened to me once…a woman stopped dead in her tracks as I failed to wave my wave-hand. Running can be tough maybe she was looking for a way out. Funny as hell though.

3.  Say “Hi” and smile. 

Combine Acts 1 and 2.

*Please note: if you’re from an east coast town of pop. 60,000 venturing these greetings isn’t always well received in larger populated cities. Most will wave back, some people won’t even notice. Just brush it off.

4. Hold the door. 

The gesture of a slight blind spot/over the shoulder gaze before letting a shop door shut on the person behind you.

5. Compliment a stranger. 1f751af934e30b9a3277d07fcfbcbb49

“Hey, random stranger, nice face!”

All right, maybe that’s a stretch but you see a purse you like or a bright colours in the midst of the black and gloom of winter that makes that stranger’s eyes pop. It will make their day, and that being said, making someone feel good should make you feel good.

6. Choose Patience & Give Others the Same Benefit of the Doubt You’d Want.

Shit happens, patience gets put to the test often in this world. Line ups at the store, backed up traffic. Everyone has some where to get to. Practice patience in situations out of your control. Most of us aren’t out to make others’ lives more difficult, we’re just trying to make our own easier – and sometimes we are not alone.


7. Make conversation with someone new. 

Canadians have it so easy. Our country gets a good bout of all the stuff with mother nature is ‘on crack’. This is such an easy way in – oh boy I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, we got a big ol’ dump o’ snow and I had to make sure the driveway was clear first thing in the morning. Can ya believe we got a good foot and a half of snow – was shovellin’ all night.

8. Hug often. 46ae2ee80629d945950f5ff466721f91

Hold your hug for three breaths (20 seconds): one for you, one for the person in your embrace and one for the whole wide world.

Hugging, and other forms of physical affection (cuddling, kissing…etc) can increase the levels of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical messenger from the pituitary gland in the brain; it is important for many human behaviours such as sexual arousal, recognition, anxiety, trust and mother-infant bonding. It is called the love hormone or the cuddle chemical. (1) When the levels of Oxytocin are increased, humans tend to feel better. Hug long and often!

For me, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received: “When you are feeling down and helpless, go help others”. Act kind randomly, every day –  practice, darling.



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