12 Days of Eatin’, Drinkin’ & Be Merryin’: Day Seven – Patience

on the seventh day of eaten’, drinkin’ & be merry in’, my true love gave me, seven modalities of patience.

19d65aed065eb06807ecda8f57ca7aa5Patience (n.)  the capacity, habit or fact of being patient. Patient (adj.) the ability to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or dealing with problems or difficult people) Thank you Merriam-Webster.

With December may come plenty of opportunity to increase patience.

One may find themselves spending a little bit more time in line at Canada Post (that quick stop to pick up a couple extra stamps) or at the grocery store (to grab those 4 essential bananas).


Something strange happens to the mind of a Canadian vehicle-ist between late September and the first snowfall…every single year…its possible that during this 6-10 week period any logical or critical thinking skills in regards to driving a vehicle on top of a road covered with a cold, flour-like substance are wiped from the minds of our fellow Canadians. More often that preferred our 7 minute commutes become 40 minute and well y’all know the rest…

7 On The Spot Treatments To Bust Holiday Impatience:

1. Sing ♪ Jingle Bells ♪ (aloud or silently)

When my mother suggested this to me the other night as a means to change my mindset about waiting another 5 days until I arrive home for the holidays, I rolled my eyes. Then I considered it, oh what the hell…it did make me feel better.

2. Take a deep breath and count to 10:94de1f19318497978f644281b25a1b25

More classic Mom* advice: Take a deep breath and count to 10.

3. Peace is Within Me:

Bring the tips of the thumb and index together – silently say “Peace”
then tips thumb and middle finger together – silently say “is”
then, tips thumb and ring finger together – silently say “Within”
and the tips of the thumb and pinky together – silently say “Me”

4. Laugh:

If you’re feeling bold, start a stint of contagious laughter like this guy…

5. Consider that the other person is you:

The ol’ put yourself in someone else’ shoes – consider what you might be feeling if you were the one that got t-boned on the 417 at rush hour. (Ops, little dark there…real life sh*t though). Oneness, yo.

6. Let it Go

Draw your mind to your breath, on the inhale breath say to yourself “Let” and on the exhale “Go” and repeat.

0017c0ff9424e9981ef4d4facb4572f27. Smile:

it’s the whole fake it until you make it concept. Smiling and laughing tells your nervous system that everything will be okay. and they will, really, even if the lady in front of you at Bridgehead just ordered 20 separate specialty drinks for her entire office.

When you’re feeling impatient, imagine a time when you didn’t feel impatient. Focus on patience to counter impatience.



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