12 Days of Eatin’, Drinkin’ & Be Merry-in’: Day one – Do You and Be Well.

♪ On the first day of the Holidays, my true love* said to me, don’t forget to take care of yo-self.


The hustle and bustle this time of year can be exhausting and stressful. Even those of us who thrive on things to do and places to be, will likely notice a bit more fatigue over the holidays.Taking a moment or two to check into you and your needs, during the busy can be a mindful practice of self-care.

What is self-care? In 1988, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined self-care as follows:

“Self Care in health refers to the activities individuals, families and communities undertake with the intention of enhancing health, preventing disease, limiting illness, and restoring health. These activities are derived from knowledge and skills from the pool of both professional and lay experience. They are undertaken by lay people on their own behalf, either separately or in participative collaboration with professionals.”(1)

 WHO, simple states that: “Self-care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, prevent and deal with illness.” (2)

It is not uncommon to identify Health with only Physical Wellness, but it important to also recognize it in context all of aspects of Wellness:


An important practice of self-care includes checking in with oneself and recognize what is coming up in the body and mind. Being mindful to our basic needs, and recognizing when they are depleted in a great way to tune into oneself and practice self-care. More on the Circle of Wellness in 2015!

Self-care practices are compromised of many different daily habits most of us already have. Brush your teeth, Eat Breakfast, Drink Water, Meditation, **Yoga Practice, Physical Activity & Exercise

Why is self-care important? Take care of yourself first (helping you to feel better) and you will better serve those around you.

“When on an airplane, the safety instructions for proper airbag use during a crash strongly advises that one must put on their own mask before helping another. ” Makes sense, eh?

Elements of a Self-Care Practice:

As all beings on our planet are completely different, self-care is subjective. Each of us will have our own recipe for what we need as part of our practice and it also has lots of room for growth and change. Implement a self-care practice that includes to each of the following elements:


  • personal hygiene
  • keep your spaces clear

Nutrition & Hydration: Food is a humans fuel, the car won’t run without it.

  • eat healthy food
  • recognize what you ingest that may make you feel sluggish or ill and limit them
  • drink lots of water301212_10151205335977732_187441952_n

Movement & Rest:

  • Move that body, everyday
  • Get your beauty sleep – hibernation season is beginning.


  • everything in moderation, even moderation
  • too much of anything can be overwhelming
  • use your energy wisely

Be Kind to yourself, check in, and be mindful of your needs to ensure they are being met. It may become easier to be kind to others and let go of the little things that grind your gears.

And maybe, just maybe the Holiday hustle and bustle will be a bit more pleasurable.
But, maybe not.
It’s a weird time of year.
And that’s why there is Bailey’s and Wine…


* my true love = myself (yes I’m dating myself); okay… it actually goes “on the first day of the Holidays, I said to myself..”
**please note Yoga Practice separate from Exercise/Physical Activity – stay tuned!

(1): http://www.asmi.com.au/self-care/What-Is-Self-Care.aspx
(2): http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/en/d/Jwhozip32e/3.1.html


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